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    Streamline logistics while also improving safety with the mother-daughter tugger train system from Carolina Handling.

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    The Most Innovative, Compact Tugger Train on the Market

    K.Hartwall LiftLiner® speeds up your operation with its ability to carry multiple loads and load/unload from both sides. Thanks to its excellent maneuverability, ergonomic friendliness and ease of use, you'll reduce product and packaging damage in your warehouse. Plus, the LiftLiner is safer, quieter and more cost-effective than a forklift.

Compact, Agile, Flexible

You won't find a shorter, more compact train on the market. The crossbar scissor coupling system allows the LiftLiner to make sharp turns and access narrow aisles in your facility. While compact, the LiftLiner can still handle various style carts and a wide range of sizes. This keeps efficiency up by ensuring it always runs at full capacity.


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    Ergonomically Friendly and Efficient

    Instead of having to push or pull the entire force of the load, operators can rely on the LiftLiner to bring loads to them, a feature made possible through unique tilting technology. But why stop there? The dual load/unloading capabilities take efficiency to the next level, allowing operators to load and unload in either direction at any time. So, while you're not trying to figure out how to sequence deliveries, you can focus on creating the fastest and most efficient routes through your facility.

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    The LiftLiner is a fully 电 system. One of the greatest advantages of having a battery-powered tugger is that, without hydraulics or pneumatics involved, you eliminate the need for frequent or costly service and repair work.

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    Excellent Traceability

    Perhaps one of the most innovative aspects of the LiftLiner is its traceability. Increase efficiency and accuracy by tracing products and processes when necessary.

Carefully Designed for the Work You Do


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